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I have updated the Children’s Costume section with webpages for Thorin and Legolas with place holders for other costumes I will hopefully get to creating pages for soon.


Thorin Oakenshield - A link to a thread in the RPF forum where I have entered a contest for my son's costume this year - since I don't have much time to put up new pages, this seemed the best way to share what I'm doing right now.

Legolas - This is my son's costume from last year's contest. There are some building tips in there too.

1/8/13 - More Video Costume Tutorials
Galadriel's Crown from the Hobbit
Fairy Wings

An image of a few Lost props I've found

DragonCon 2012

9/19/12 - Video Costume Tutorials
How to make Craft Foam look like hammered silver
How to creat honeycomb smocking
How to make craft foam look like leather















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