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Last update: March 24, 2010

Friend Sites

I can say, I knew him when... Jose was someone whose work I admired on web forums before I ever met him. And he was one of the first costumers I met at my first Dragon Con convention and introduced me with a warm welcome to the community.Through our friendship we went on to attend other conventions together, speaking as guests and just having a great time. And look at him now... a professional with a license to make replica Star Trek costumes. Check out his stuff, you won't find more accurate, attention to detail, licensed costumes anywhere else.

Stephanie and I knew each other on line in the costuming world and became friends when we met at a convention. She is as talented and beautiful as she is spiritually thoughtful and insightful and I treasure her presence in my life. On her website you can find many different costumes to purchase and even commission her to make something unique you are looking for. Her work is supurb, quality and professional.
I count myself among the most blessed to be surrounded by supportive and encouraging friends, shining with so much talent and enthusiasm. Among this group one fellow has gone above and beyond the call of friendship, and with out him my costuming would not be what it is today. Art, thanks for your patience with my learning curve and for your generous hosting of my bandwidth hogging webite. Here is his website.
I remember when I first read a post by CRIZ on a forum. I immediately knew we shared a common view of the world. Since then we've become close friends. I've enjoyed so much watching her artwork gallery grow and I can't champion her talent enough. She is amazingly gifted and has graciously donated her time and skill drawing numerous cartoons for fun and convention marketing purposes.  
Arturo and I met on TDH costuming site when I was building my sons Jango Fett costume. And while we shared an interest in Star Wars, we also quickly realized we both loved to paint and draw. I was completely blown away when he suggested we do an exchange and ever since then we've been tight. He's helped me in many more ways than I could list here, but most notably, telling me about gapoxio!
Drew Tretick - I met drew in college and fell in love with his music way back then. He is an extremely talented violist who is able to catch emotion in his music that few can rival. He lives in California and plays at Downtown Disney. A wonderful person and the nicest guy I know.
Cardio Strip Tease - Jeff Costa has been a friend of mine since high school. If you want an exercise program that's going to both motivate and make you feel sexy, his video is for you! If you live on the West Coast, Jeff is located in the Los Angeles area and runs classes in various cities, but he also travels, so look out for his next tour date!
Toby, also known on line as Sith_Camaro, is an ace costumer who works fast to make the most amazing creations. I met him last year at Dragon Con when he walked in as Sauron and blew me away... then I found out this is the guy who told Arturo about Gapoxio! Needless to say, we hit it off fairly well. His site documents his 8 Star Wars costumes as well as Sauron, Jack Sparrow and soon to be... ah I can't tell you what it is, It's a secret. You'll have to wait until Dragocon 04! Don't blame me! It's the -> Bloody Pirate.
Sandro Kopp was an extra in LOTR who I had the opportunity to work with at a convention in London. The fact that he was an artist as well interested me and his work is really fabulous. We managed to stay in touch after the convention years were over and worked out an exchange for a painting robe I made for him and a portrait he painted of me. I'll also never forget when I froze during a song I was singing and his voice from the back of the hall called for me to go on and I came to my senses...
While attending Anderson University I had a few acquaintences who have since started their own production company Blue Yonder Films. In 2002 they released "Chilliclothe" a quirky movie about following your dreams. Cory and Todd have their own sites showcasing their other work. I have no photo with them, but I'm very happy for them! They've also released Hoodwinked and have a new movie coming out Jeffie Was Here