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Last update: March 16, 2010

Boromir Coats ~ Vambraces ~ Clasps ~ Horn of Gondor

This costume I choose for my husband for a number of reasons. The most convincing were that he looked most like Boromir and I wanted an excuse to use my mom's embroidery machine.

Thanks goes to for the reference pictures help as well as the Yahoo list members for their encouragement and helpful tips.

The Surcoat

To save money, I made my own pattern. These are the basic pieces that I used. I altered it further, but that's pretty much it.

I used blue vinyl rather than leather both for cost purposes and to save my machine from the distress.

The Trim


Rather than paint on the gold trim, I bought a gold trim and glued it on first then tacked it on by hand sewing.


The Shirt

I used the same pattern for the shirt as I did the over coat, only I added short sleeves to it.

Before I sewed the sleeves on, I used my moms Bernina embroidery machine, which allows me to pick a pattern on the computer and alter it somewhat. I choose something similar, but more simple.

Click the above picture for a larger picture of the design.

The Chain Mail

The chain mail is a sweater I painted with primer and then spray painted chrome. Ut;s a but stiffer than I would have liked it, but it does give the effect.