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Last update: March 16, 2010

Boromir Coats ~ Vambraces ~ Clasps ~ Horn of Gondor

On either end is a bought clasp that was meant to fit together...

I then bent 18 gage wire (left overs from my Galadriel Crown) to fit it together with the center piece. (in the above scan I hadn't strung the wire through or sewed the clasps on yet.)

The center piece is... get this... a margarine container lid I cut up in the shape of a diamond. *lol* I poked holes in it and stuck the wire through, then painted the entire thing with gold spray paint.

Before the paint dried, I scratched in the image of the tree.

I don't expect this to last forever.. the gold is already flaking off... but I don't have time to sculpty the clasp right now- which is what I intend to do by Dragon Con.

Below is the new clasp I'm in ther process of making...

First I cut wire mesh to the desired size and then bent 24 gage wire into tiny loops that the other wire will fit into. Then I formed sculpty over it and carved the tree design in with a clay tool.

Bend 24 gage wire and fit through the holes in the back of the clasp. Spray paint gold.