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Mirror Dress

Last update: March 16, 2010

Mirror Dress ~ Belt ~ Brooch ~ Crown ~ Cloaks

The lace I choose was the "Rebecca" pattern sold at Walmart. It seemed to have the pointed flower look and had some natural shine to it. It was bright white though so I tea-dyed it to get a more cream color. I then added beads to the lace flowers. Each one took an hour.


Rather than use a bought pattern, I created my own based on this drawing.

When I first made the dress the fabric wasn't big enough to make the sleeves long enough. I then learned about using an 'invisible seam' which goes along the lace pattern to add length.
The first underdress was a simple A-line sleeveless gown made out of cotton. When I upgraded it, I used a cream colored polyester soft satin and added an additional layer of a white stretch string tee sewn right into the lace. Because it is attached at the sleeve seam which is covered with pearls, it is virtually invisible.

I altered the back of the tee with bra fasteners which gives me support and shape.




I couldn't see any more detail on the collar than this picture on the left. I wasn't sure how to do it, so I improvised. I sewed a small strip of material to the edge and then hand sewed the edging. Later, when I beaded the dress, I put at each 'bump' a set of three glass seed beads.