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Last update: March 16, 2010

Mirror Dress ~ Belt ~ Brooch ~ Crown ~ Cloaks


To make the brooch, I used the picture on the left and drew a sketch, the best I could. Then, using 20 gage wire to create a sturdy base Isculpty clay, I fashioned the leaves and the oval part on top. Once it was baked, I sprayed the entire pin with crome silver. Then I painted the oval with pearlescent paint and the leaves with gold spray.

It is a bit heavy and I didn't want to risk pinning it to the fine lace, so the best way I could find to secure it to the dress was to sew it on.

I redid the pin after getting better acquainted with sculpty and gapaxio.

And my final version that I use now is, of all things, posterboard and puffy paint.

Click here for the tutorial.