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Legolas Belt

Bow ~ Wig ~ Belt

Materials: pattern, fabric the size of your pattern, craft foam, Heat n' Bond Cut Heat n' Bond to size of fabric. Iron Heat n' Bond to fabric, glue to fabric so that you are ironing on the paper
Once it cools, peel the fabric off of the paper. Lay the fabric to the foam, glue side down. Iron on the fabric so that the fabric stics to the foam.
Trim Draw your pattern on to the foam Use clay tools to emboss the foam

Test coloring
Make a test piece using the same method as above for practicing.

Practice with many different coloring techniques to get the effect you want.
I tried permanent marker and shoe polish here, but have also used paint,
rub n' buff, varnish, spray paint and fabric paint on other projects.

What worked here is brown permanent marker, brown shoe polish
and black permanent marker in the crevices.