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Bracers ~ Boots ~ Belt ~ Silver Shirt ~ Jerkin


The first thing to do was to make a pattern. The paper ones I made did not really
help much so, since craft foam is cheap I used some extra black I had lying around
and just held them together with string.


The leg wrap portion. I ironed the edges down before I sewed them together.
Usually I iron on heat ní Bond and fabric to give it strength, but for the
boot spats, I did not. This allowed me to sew through it very easily on the
sewing machine as well as keep it flexible.

Below are the pieces sewn together and embossed.

The loops were sewn in as I sewed the craft foam together.

Top left, left with shoe polish, right without.
Top right, right with varnish, left without.

Bottom are the finished pieces.

The boot tops I tried to glue on to flip flops just around the bottom, but I could not get the glue to hold.
So I ended up gluing them to a pair of black canvas shoes. I unfortunately do not have
a photo of them to share at this time.