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Bracers ~ Boots ~ Belt ~ Silver Shirt ~ Jerkin


I make everything in muslin first, or, in this case, an old sheet.
Then I compare it to a photo to see where I need to make adjustments.

Below you can see the details of how I hand sewed the pattern
together and drew on the designs to give myself a better idea
of the size and shape.



For this fabric I found suede cloth. The brown was a skirt I
found at a thrift store and the green was upholstery at the fabric store.

I used a template for the design and drew it on with a fabric pencil.

Below is the shoulder laid out flat

To give the suede cloth a thicker feel, I used Heat ní Bond and glued two
pieces together back to back and then trimmed. Below is before I trimmed
so you can see the double thickness on the sleeves.

I did the same thing on the edges of the tunic

Below is my son trying on the tunic before I sewed it altogether.