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Lothlorien Wig

This is an adult wig I altered to be worn
by a friend who played Celeborn at a Ball.

There is a way to make wigs look natural by using a lace
such as described in this book:

Petting Zoo Wig Design by Katie Bair
Click to see a picture from her book

For better wig tutorials on line and many other make up ideas:

For tutorials on wigs and more, click here: Make-Up

In order to make this wig to fit the Legolas who is going to wear it, I had him make a mock up of his hair line. Then I made a duct tape head and put his mock up on it The wig I used was a typical parted in the center wig I bought for $5 at a going out of business sale. Starting at the part and working out until the curve of the crown, I ripped out the seams of hair and laid them aside


Here is what the seams look like from under the wig. They come in rows and are very easy to rip out. As you can see on this cheap costume wig they are very spread apart. When you rip them off the net, they come of in sewn together strips. This is what the seams look like from the top of the wig. I ended up needing two wigs to fill in the space on the final Legolas wig.


Around the ears I added a bit of material to the shape of the scull cap mock up and sewed strips of hair to it. I also wanted to make the part next to the skin look more realistic, so I sewed strips of hair under the elastic and folded it back over the wig, pressing with a barely warm iron... even still, the hair melted in places, which actually gives it a more set look.

The Finished Product