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Lothlorien Bow

Since mommy dresses up as Galadriel, it only seemed fitting that Mini Legolas should have the Lothlorian bow. We didn't decide this, however until half way through the progress. So in the first picture, the bow is a different shape.


How we're doing it:

Two Clothes hangers bent in shape of bow and wrapped with clear packaging tape.

For further shaping, we wrapped it with tin foil.

To smooth it and hold it in place, we wrapped it all in masking tape.
(We had already wrapped it in tin foil but were still able to bend it from the Mirkwood shape to the Lothlorian shape and add some tin foil for the ridges.)

Last image is Bow as shown on

The next step is newspaper strips and mod podge.

I traced the bow onto paper and then drew the right size design.

Then coverd the back of the drawing with a few layers of masking tape, cut it out and glued it down.

I then went over it with mod podge and one layer of newsprint that I soaked with mod podge and pressed into the design. Then I went over it several times with layers of modpodge.

I painted the entire thing with bone white acrylic, did some detailing with brown and the bone mixed and went over the design in pearlescent. I'm considering repainting it a more tan color like the original though. We'll see.

Below are details of the center 'carving'.


Details of the centerpiece carving before and after paint.
Last image is Bow as shown on
Because my son's bow is so much smaller, I scrunched the design to fit.