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My son lost interest in this costume, so I never completed it.
But there may be some tips of interest with how far I did get,
so I'll keep these pages up.

Bow ~ Wig ~ Belt

Oops. Guess in that shot he's left handed.
To see how I made the Bow, clicke

This was a shot taken during his fitting... it needs to be hemmed obviously
He has since gotten a haircut, in case anyone is wondering...

Gotta go with the one on the right being the cuter of the two elves...
But I admit, I'm biased.

I was looking through LOTR images on the internet and my son came up behind me and saw Legolas. Immediately he asked if he could have a costume...
Who am I to deprive my little sweetie?? And besides, I've always adored Legolas and the costume and what a great combination... My son as Legolas...

I tend to make things big... going to have to resize a bit... or just let him grow into it!

We're doing a slimplified version of the costume so that mommy doesn't go insane... or, I should say MORE insane.

Here's the progress....


To make the pattern, I took a shirt and put it on my son, then taped where the seams would go

I ended up cutting 4 pieces of everything so that I could double line it

The book I used is the Visual companion and the picture I printed from under characters- Legolas - Jerkin.


I still have to make it a bit smaller, paint the designs on it and sew on the hook and eye tape in the front. But that wasn't bad for one day...

Wrist Guards


First I measured around my little guys wrist and made a pattern out of extra material. Then I cut the black vinyl out leaving extra space for the seams and hems.

I cut in around the edges of the trim so that it would sew more easily.


The painted vambrances