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Vambrances and Boots


Last update: March 16, 2010

Boots and Vambraces Tunic and Coat - Weapons - Gallery

My son is in many of these photos because he is old enough to help
and its easier to take pictures of HIM doing something than me. haha!


Reference photo

Under leather made from brown vinyl click for larger photos

My son helped me hand sew the vinyl under armor

We oversized them to give him bulk

The following is the process I use to make craft foam look like leather.
Click for larger photo

Step 1. (not shown) Create a pattern for your piece and cut a piece of fabric BIGGER than your pattern. I used faux suede for this piece.

Step 2: (Upper left hand photo) Iron on Heat N Bond to the BACK of your fabric.

Step 3: (not shown) Iron craft foam on both sides and peel the paper from the fabric.

Step 4: (upper middle) Iron the fabric, glue side down, to the foam and let cool
Step 5: (upper right) Cut the craft foam and fabric to the correct size of your pattern.

Step 6 (not shown): While the craft foam is still warm, hold it in the shape you want until it cools. (bottom right is result)

Step 7: (bottom left) cut out pattern (not shown) iron craft foam and then trace pattern on the craft foam, cut it out and glue it on. Ive used Fabric Tac glue before, but for this one I used Gorilla Glue (it expands and is very messy)


It is very possible to sew through craft foam, in fact, it adds to the authentic leather look so often I sew when not needed around the edges. I dont recommend sewing two pieces together to hold anything unless you have bonded fabric to it first because it will rip easily without the reinforcement.

The straps are leather, taken from a pair of sandals bought from the thrift store. In order to sew them to the craft foam it was necessary to punch holes in it because the needle will not go through otherwise. This is why I use craft foam!

If you would like something more on the above foam to leather process click below
it links to the youtube video I made demonstrating how to make Legolas wrist guards using craft foam:

How to make craft foam look like leather.

Weathering the vambrances

Before we weathered them, I covered them with brown shoe polish
and painted them with clear varnish for the leather look.
Then we used black permanent marker around the edges,
black and brown paint rubbed in here and there
and dark tan make up for dirt.

Click for larger image comparing After and Before.



Reference Photos


Below click for larger photos

I was able to find this pair of boots at the thrift store to use as the base.

I glued black fur to the suede and used the

straps on the boots. The toe protectors were made using the same process as above.