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Tunic and Coat


Last update: December 30, 2013

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My son is in many of these photos because he is old enough to help
and it’s easier to take pictures of HIM doing something than me. haha!


Reference photo


To keep the price down, I used fabric from a pair of gray corduroys my son had outgrown.
I cut the pantlegs open, drew on the design, sewed the pattern and then sewed them
back together and on to the sleeves of a short sleeve t-shirt.

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The blue tunic is a wool dress I bought at the thrift store and
cut and stitched back together. I used blue paint to give an

Illusion of trim. 


The belt is the same vinyl as the underwrist

Guards and the metal is all craft foam glued on with gorilla glue.

It’s held together behind him with Velcro (not shown)

The only fur I could find long enough was cream so I colored it using paint, shoe polish and palm oil… paint works best, the others come of on whatever it touches… but palm oil is great for your hair!

The bottom part of the black cloak is made from a vinyl remnant I bought at the thrift store, and the top part is from a black vinyl bean bag I bought for much less than that much vinyl would cost.
Well… there was no lining in the bean bag. I am still finding Styrofoam balls in my house… 

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To make the armor pieces, we cut the shapes out of gray craft foam, ironed them,
pressed them against a thick, cardboard template we made until they cooled,
then painted them with silver and black.

If you would like to see a youtube video of the armor process, click the link below: