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Last update: December 30, 2013


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My son is in many of these photos because he is old enough to help
and it’s easier to take pictures of HIM doing something than me. haha!


Reference photo

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My son and I worked together on the axe. He designed, cut and taped up the handle. I designed the template for the blade and he cut and taped it together.

The first three coats were gray plasti-dip which gave the cardboard and tape a rubber texture but did not smooth away the obvious bubbles and wrinkles. However, the silver spray did look metallic when sprayed on the plasti-dip.  For the designs I used silver puffy fabric paint. 




Reference Photo

The core of the sword is a wooden dowel, cardboard, posterboard duct tape
(basically anything to make it strong!)
To hide the texture of the ductape, I covered it with poster board and packing tape.

I painted it with 3 coats of Plasti-dip and then covered the ‘wood’ portion and the
scroll portion with painters tape so that the silver tape would not hit those spots.

That gray you see is the color of the plastidip. The runes are in puffy paint.

The end piece I could not figure out how to do with cardboard, so it is paperclay.

Sheath and Strap

This was made with a posterboard base, lined with fabric that we glued in,
 covered with craft foam and wood paper (from the scrap book section).

For the strap I used a piece of craft foam and wrapped it in vinyl
Then I sewed and painted it.

For the buckle, I used a pase of craft foam, sculpted paper clay over it

Then painted it. This is a fake buckle, the entire piece is one long strap and
goes over his head – and I do not recommend paper clay for this use, it broke very quickly.




My son made this completely on his own except for a bit of the painting.

It is a base of cardboard, crumpled up newspaper, packing tape, plastidip and paint.

He even devised a handle so he could carry it easily!
(unfortunately we ran out of time and never got to the metal plates)