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The Materials

On the left are a gathering of the real Celeborn materials
And on the right are the materials I chose.

The real outerobe It looked like a greenish gray in the movie with a small floral pattern.
I don't know what it was made out of, but I'm guessing heavy silk.
My version of the outerobe I selected a heavier upolstry material with a leaf/vine pattern and more of a tan gold hue.
The real inner robe A cream two tone shiney ornate leaf pattern, probably silk.
My version of the inner robe Curtains! It had the right color and was more of a floral. Poly...

The Neck Piece

On the right, the original, out of pounded silver. On the right, my version in fun foam, mod podge and paint

The Belt

On the left my version, odds and ends from Wal-mart that I sewed to gether.
The buckle is jewerly wire and gapoxio.

On the right, the original in pounded metal.

The Underrobe

My sleeves are much wider than the original... I may still take them in.

I put in a zipper, and left out the shoulder deals... I have no clue what they are for...
I still need to add a hook and eye at the top of the collar.

The Outer Robe

The upolstry does not hang as elegantly as the silk (?) And the sleeve shape was very difficult to duplicate...

I cut off the gray slipper and made a pattern for the shoe, then handsewed the shoe to the rubber sole.

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