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Last update: March 16, 2010

Harness - Pauldron - Vambrace - Weathering - Cloak -Helmet

These are the best reference photos of the cloak I have been able to find.



(Click on the cloak photos to enlarge)
(If you are wondering, that is indeed Boromir's Tunic under the harness!)

I used pattern B for length and altered the front much like A so that it does not close.

For the Embroidery trim, I created my own pattern. I had to sew together two layers for the high collar in the back.
I cut out the material and sewed it together long ways, and hemmed it all
Then I ironed on Heat n' Bond to it. This made it stiff and easier to paint.


Using the blurry photo as reference, I created my own embroidery pattern
and made a stencil to trace the pattern on to the cloak collar.
After filling in the horses white, I used puffy paint to draw on the lines.

Click to see Fabric Paint Embroidery Tutorial


Once the Embroidery was painted, I attached the trim with pins all along the edges.
Then turned it inside out and ironed in place on the duct tape dummy. (Ironing it first keeps it straight)
The last step was sewing along the edges to finish it off.

(click to enlarge)