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Template Making Part 1

Last update: March 16, 2010

Harness - Pauldron - Vambrace - Weathering - Cloak - Helmet

Template Making Part 1
Template Making Part 2
Template Making Part 3
Putting it together
Belts, Straps and Buckles

First collect as many reference photos as you can.

Here is a sample of those I used

To get the correct size for the person who will wear the armor,
use him/her as a model or make a duct tape dummy of him/her.

Drape muslin or other material and looking at photos, draw the armor.
(dummies stand still longer)

Some prefer to tape paper to dummy and draw pattern on that, rather than material.

Using a swatch of striped material helps to make sure it is hanging right. Drawing as many design elements as possible helps to get sizing more accurate Laying it down flat to see what the 2d pattern looks like.

To get the design as exact as you can, you can study a photo and use drawing techniques
such as splicing up the photo into lines for reference as you draw.

Making a side by side comparison of what you've done and the actual armor
helps you make modifications of improvement.

Once you are happy with your design, you can cut it out and use your muslin as a pattern!