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Template Making Part 2

Last update: March 16, 2010

Harness - Pauldron - Vambrace - Weathering - Cloak - Helmet

Template Making Part 1
Template Making Part 2
Template Making Part 3
Putting it together
Belts, Straps and Buckles

Another technique which will give you even more accuracy in the details, is available when there is a
great reference of the costume from straight on.


Using the 'crop' function' on your computer paint program, chop the photo up into printable pattern portions.
Meaning - estimate the size of one piece of paper - such as half of the bib portion. And crop just that - save as seperate file.

Hue Shift

Using the hue shift under color mapping, saturate the photo to -100. This will take out the color.
Then, saturate lighter, until there is just enough contrast for you to see the design.
In this way, you can trace along the lines with a black line tool and have a very printible pattern.
If you are unable to find these functions, you can simply set your printer to print only in black and white.
I just like to save on ink...

Here are the printouts taped together and positioned on the dummy. Once you have the correct size, you can use the printouts as your pattern.