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Last update: March 16, 2010

Harness - Pauldron - Vambrace - Weathering - Cloak - Helmet

This process was much like the Pauldron process.

To save space and time, I'm only going to touch on how I made them
rather than put up a multi-page step by step tutorial.

Besides, compared to the Pauldrons, these were like eating cake.

Reference Photos

Click for bigger view

Here are some of the best photos I could find. I ended up going with the design on the far left,
which turned out to be Gamlings! (thanks Neume for that info.)

The under piece is done as the Pauldron was, with material heat'n'bonded to posterboard and then painted with fabric paint and krylon silver spray. The fun foam is glued on with fabric glue. The edging is done by ironing on heat n' bond to brown and orange pieces of material. The basic shape is done in brown by folding a thin layer together and ironing. Then cutting the orange into strips, small pieces are ironed to the brown.


Then, again using a piece of fabric with heat n' bond on it, I cut the inside shape and ironed it all to the vambrance

This is what it looks like from the front.


The 'etching' was done with a black ball point pen. By covering the area in silver rub and buff first, and pressing in hard to the fabric and posterboard, you can make a nice indentation. The buckles are the same used for the harness, and the straps I attached by sewing it to the brown backing material (I had to reheat it and pull it away from the 'metal' piece) and then glue as well.


The weathering was done by smudging the leather with codovan shoe polish and brushing a wash of "Licorice" black acrylic paint over it, getting it much darker in the creases. I also took a wet paper towel and smudged some of the paint off in the raised parts.