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Last update: March 16, 2010

Harness - Pauldron - Vambrace - Weathering - Cloak - Helmet

I waited (mostly) until I could weather it all at once to best get an even match to all the pieces Using black leather paint (because it sticks to just about anything including fabric paint and vinyl) I misted the entire thing pretty unevenly.

Here's a better look at the spray job


Three colors of shoe polish, two fabric pens, black acrylic paint, orange and brown fabric paint and pictures of the armor. Detailing the straps and edges.


Right side has shoe polish aging on it... probably needs some more.

When experimenting with bringing out highlights on the back of the armor, I tried some orange fabric paint - but it wasn't the right color, so I stole a crayon from my son the same color as the What I found was the color was not only perfect, but it left a waxy surface - shiney - and buffable. Kind of like... uh, leather? You must click the picture to get the full effect of this new 'weathering/leathering'


I went over the entire thing with a cross hatching of brown fabric marker that I smudged as I went. The center design is black ball point pen. And the stitches were traces with black fabric marker



The dark spots are alternates of brown, black and cordovan shoe polish. The white spots (dirt) are done with whit shoe polish


Rubbing shoe polish into the fun foam had an interesting effect. It sunk into the crevices of the details and at some points rubbed off the fabric marker color. As you can see, the fun foam looks very aged here, though, it could use a bit more, especially in the crevices where the 'metal and leather' meet.