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Last update: March 18, 2010

Wig ~ Sword

I had toyed with designing a costume from scratch (not based on the movies) and since
I loved this elf the most from the books, that was the one I wanted to do.

THEN! The decipher card came out with Jarl Benzon holding Haldir's sword. Which increased
my fascination with Glorfindel and many jokes and a good
cartoon from Criz came out of it.

When I was asked to put together a skit for TFF Opening Ceremony, I knew I wanted to include
something about Glorfindel being cut out, and when I was told Jarl was up for a role, I set about
to make that costume I had been thinking about! Because he and I are about the same size
I was able to make it to fit both of us...

Short demo of how I draped this pattern.

I pinned stripped fabric to my dressform.
I used strips to help me keep it straight
I drew with marker first and then cut.
You can see here the other fabric layer I
had already made. This gave me an
idea of length.
Here is the fabric pattern laid out on my table.
Here is the next layer And this is the two layers on top of one another.

Photos provided courtesy of
Ian Smith (used by permission)
Click for larger view

Jarl Benzon, Sandro Kopp, Julia McGee
Photo by
Criz (used by permission)
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I also heard that Alan Lee and John Howe were going to judge the art contest at TFF
And so I went about portraying my favorite scene - not in the book, but implied.

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