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Aragorn and Eowyn

Last update: March 25, 2010

These were the only costumes I ever made with the intention to sell.
It was much more work than it was worth for the price they went for on ebay,
so I haven't done it again. But they sure are cute!

The tunic, sleeves, collar and chain maille were all sewn together in one piece. Adult Aragorn costume Fabric Paint Tutorial.
Crown Tutorial The belt was a simple tie vinyl. The base of these vambraces were done in craft foam, as per the Vambrace Tutorial. But the silver was posterboard and silver paint.


The dress was a simple A line. The sleeve shape is evident here. Here is a detail of the belt.
The gold was trim I sewed on and the center piece was cardboard and fabric puffy paint. Fabric Paint Tutorial. A detail of the sleve hem.