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Sauron Gloves

Last update: March 16, 2010

Sauron Helmet ~ Sauron Pajamas ~ Sauron Gloves


Supplies needed:

1 sheet of black craft foam
1 Pair of black or brown garden gloves
Silver fabric paint and black paint or marker
Fabric Tac glue


(Click on photos below for larger view)

Cut squares of craft foam Iron to make soft and then pinch
Make 4 for each hand Cut out this shape, heat and form.
Cut out the opposite shape for the
the other hand- heat and form.
Stuff your gloves Paint them silverish
Use puffy paint and marker for designs
The finger tips here are craft foam
formed and glued with fabric tac
Paint the pieces of craft foam
Glue the craft foam pieces
on to the gloves
Close up