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Luke Skywalker Flight Suit

Last update: March 25, 2010

I started with a simple pattern that I altered by putting in a collar.

I cut out the flight suit and then before sewing it together, I mapped out and sewed on all of the pockets. The vest I made using a pattern from a friend. The helmet was an old child's football helmet that I painted.
Side Back Front

The box was wood and craft foam painted and the straps were bought at
JoAnn Fabrics and sewn together and glued. Sorry I have no photos of how I put it together!

It's especially fun when kids dress up together. Leia is my son's cousin!

This is just a simple white dress with a collar and the belt is
painted craft foam. The wig I bought and styled. Not much else to say except...

Aren't they the cutest????