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Padme Amidala Dress

Last update: March 16, 2010

Dress ~ Stencil ~ Pin

The dress is a simple A line Empire gown in front with a v neck and
a seam running down the middle.

The back is similar, only it is gathered at the high waistline to give
extra fabric bulk for the train.

The fabric I selected was a very light faux suede. To achieve the heaviness of the original fabric, I built stiffness into the fabric. Using an iron on fabric glue paper called Heat n' Bond, I covered the entire bottom part of the skirt and ironed it on. Then I cut a heavier fabric using the same pattern and placed the two fabrics wrong side to wrong side.
I ironed the two together, leaving enough edge without the glue for easier sewing. The fabric weight was much closer to heavy velvet after this process. In order to help the under skirt with the fullness, I sewed in a series of boning and heavy anchoring. And folded it over at the edge. This is a bad example photo, but all I have. Really, you should do the boning at the hem after you sew the dress together!
The top of the dress I didn't reinforce with the Heat n' Bond, but merely doubled the fabric and sewed it together Here are the pleets I put in to the back of the dress. This is the two sides of the pattern for one of the sleeves.
.This is the sleeve on the dress. It is the best photo I have, unfortunately. Here is a close up of how I sewed the lining to the edge on the sleeve and the first rendition of the hood. In the updated version I altered the pattern to give more of a turned over edge (pictured below) This is how the hood started, a bit more oval than a semi-circle in this rendition. In the final version it was even more oval.
In order to keep the fullness of the hood but not have a thick fabric gathering, in bothe versions I cut notches. Here is how I sewed the notches together They ended up looking like gathering.

And here is a vew of the hood after the notches in both the fabric and the lining were sewn. This is a view of the movie version. It is sewn tucked under the collar. Here is a very sloppy picture, but the best one I have of my second version. You can see the larger turned hem, but the fabric has bunched, obscuring the attachment.
This is how long the updated version back looked. This is the hood from the movie.