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Clone Trooper Rex

Last update: March 25, 2010

This is a character from my son's favorite Star Wars Animation TV show..
I started with black sweatpants and a turtle neck..
The shoes I bought and painted white.

Using the Template Building method I've used in other adult costumes, and some on line references to the shape of the armor, I started the costume and tried it on him. This is the second attempt at the thigh pieces. It was a long process to get the shape and sizing close enough. Here is the altered final version with the higher cut up the hip. And some painting and weathering.
This shows the back shape before it was weathered. The armor pieces were all held together with velcro. Here is the back shape after it was weathered. The knee and elbow pieces were put on with an elastic band. The black skirt is vinyl with blue fabric lining it.

Even though it was too big for my son, we used the sound effects helmet
because that's the one he wanted to play with for more fun. (Fun trumps accuracy for 8 year olds)
I weathered it with black paint and a rag.

Some photos from a Halloween Parade Contest he went to and won a prize!