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Anakin Skywalker

Last update: March 23, 2010

Material for the boots. I used heavy duty jean thread on the vinyl so that it would be sturdy. By turning the leather over slightly I was able to get the effect of layers.
Here is another view from the top The piece at the bottom is the front flap pulled down to show where it connects to the back flap. I sewed the strap on all the way up to the front flap but not over it. I glued this part together and did not make it functional. I put velcro under it to secure it.
Here is a close up of the two top straps. Here is the final boot laid out flat before it was painted dark brown. The spat is secured with a zipper.
This is the final color of the boot. From the side. It comes apart and the boots can be worn in other costumes as well.
The belt was made from vinyl, glue, thumb tacks and a plastic clasp that I painted silver. The tabs are vinyl rectangles, very easy. The tunic is the same style I made for the Obi-wan costume, only in black cotton.