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Obi-Wan Kenobi

Last update: March 18, 2010


With the final prequel released, I've decided to update this page...

This was the first Obi-wan costume I made for Kev. It was just after Episode I and I had no patterns and just used muslin. The goofy look is because this was a candid shot. By the time Episode II came out, I had found Obi-wan's Jedi Academy costume tutorial site I used their Obi-wan tutorial to make the costume.
(Now I can say 'our' tutorial, since I am an admin there.)
This is the second costume...
The boots and belt were just brown material put together with clear packing tape From a distance it did look sort of like leather....

Third costume with the rubber boots painted brown and juice box base pouches paper mached and painted. I also narrowed the tabbards The fourth costume has a new lightsaber and much better pouches. Will I upgrade again? Hmm... YES!
Clone Wars Animation armor is planned for Halloween 2010!!!