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Grand Admiral Thrawn

Last update: March 25, 2010

This is a character from my son's favorite Star Wars Novel.
I started with a jacket we had that fit him and I took it apart to make my pattern.
I used the lining of the jacket, which was white, to line this jacket.
Then I added the front bib and the collar. The pants were just store bought white pants.

This was a belt I found at the Thrift Store and glued a button to it. I made a simple spat for the boots. Tutorial can be found on this Wolf Prince Costume The rank is craft foam I painted and glued together.
These were made with a variety of fringe pieces sewn on to a piece of stiff fabric and then I sewed it to the jacket. We used wash out black hair spray and blue eye shadow. The gloves were just winter gloves.

The full costume.

A little photo shopping fun.